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Amejo woman) is a Japanese derogatory term for young Okinawan women that date white male members of the United States Forces Japan stationed in Okinawa Prefecture. In her book Asian Mystique, author Sheridan Prasso speaks of the fetishizing that goes on between non-Asian males and Asian females: Although Amejo is predominantly used for Okinawan women in relationships with white men, those who date primarily black American men are also included under the term, but are usually referred to as kokujo 黒女, black woman instead. Prasso explains the kokujo:

Ogasawara Islanders

The Ogasawara Islanders, also Bonin Islanders, are a Euronesian ethnic group native to the Ogasawara Islands. They are culturally and genetically distinct from other Japonic groups such as the Yamato, Ainu, and Ryukyuans as they are the modern-day descendants of a multitude of racial and ethnic groups including the Europeans, White Americans, Polynesians, and Kanaks who settled Hahajima and Chichijima in the 18th century.

Yamato people

The Yamato people or Wajin are an East Asian ethnic group and nation native to the Japanese archipelago. The term came to be used around the late 19th century to distinguish the settlers of mainland Japan from minority ethnic groups who have settled the peripheral areas of the Japanese empire, such as the Ainu, Ryukyuans, Nivkh, Oroks, as well as Koreans, Taiwanese, and Taiwanese aborigines who were incorporated into the Empire of Japan in the early 20th century. Clan leaders also elevated their own belief system that featured ancestor worship into a national religion known as Shinto. The ...

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